Together we can move mountains of waste

“Together we can move mountains of waste.” Facility Management DJI and FMHaaglanden, two of the national government's facility services providers, have started a large-scale study together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This study will contribute to the reduction of residual waste and the use of raw materials. This research is important to achieve the goals of 35% residual waste, 50% less consumption of primary raw materials in 2030, and 100% sustainable procurement. Netherlands Circular in 2050 is also on the far horizon.


Facility Management DJI, FMHaaglanden and The Hague University of Applied Sciences work together on research about climate-neutral business operations 

But how do you do that? Facility professionals of government organisations are still running into obstacles to achieving these goals. It's not easy to weave circular thinking and “circular behaviour” into all aspects of the business process. Think about reducing packaging materials, reducing litter or preventing plastic and food waste. Facility management has a role to play in achieving the objectives of the Dutch government. 

This joint, two-year research programme will result in a contribution to sustainable business operations, but it also helps produce well-trained students who are ready for a sustainable future. A large part of the research programme will be carried out by students in consultation with facility services providers. That is how the project gives an extra boost to the circular business operations of civil services as well as a sustainable future for young people. 

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