Finance and Control intern makes an impact: "UNICEF uses my tool worldwide"

It might sound familiar. Maybe you too have been tempted to pinch yourself, just to be sure you’re not dreaming. That’s the feeling Sughra Hussain had when she learned the dashboard she developed was being used in many UNICEF offices around the world. “I made a real impact. That gives me a tremendous feeling of satisfaction.”

Employee uses Sughra's business intelligence tool

Sughra, a fourth-year student in Finance & Control, first came into contact with UNICEF in The Hague. “It was during the job fair that THUAS organises each year. UNICEF was looking for someone with a lot of Excel experience. Not that I’m such an expert, mind you, but I did pick up the basic skills at the start of my degree programme. And later, I also took the Controlling Minor and the Power Business Intelligence course. That’s why I know how to build a dashboard. And that was what they needed at UNICEF, someone who could do that.”

Puzzling it out

When Sughra walked into the UNICEF office in The Hague on the first day of her internship, she thought she’d be assigned some small project first. But no: she was asked to get started on the dashboard straightaway. “In the beginning, I had doubts about whether I could do it. Building a user-friendly dashboard is never an easy task; you have to really puzzle it out. But I’m very persistent.”

Her internship supervisor was extremely pleased with Sughra’s final result. “Yes, it was unbelievable. He told me that he was flying to Lisbon the very next day to present my dashboard to the UNICEF people there. After that, it all happened really fast. The dashboard turned out to be a great tool that they were able to deploy worldwide.”

Incredibly proud

Sughra is incredibly proud. “I’m able to put all the knowledge I gained in school to good use. It’s amazing to see how an organisation that’s active all around the world really values the skills I’ve learned. I’ll no doubt be able to apply my experience at UNICEF again in the future.”