A new academic year has started

The new academic year has started and there are gradually more staff members and both new and returning students present at all locations. We are very happy that physical activities are allowed again and we want to make the best possible use of the possibilities.

However, that does mean that more people will be interacting again. THUAS believes it is important for its students and staff members to be able to do this as safely as possible and has taken all the necessary precautions. Walking routes have been created at all locations, of which maps are available. And of course extra attention has been paid to cleaning and hygiene, and everyone is repeatedly reminded follow all instated measures, such as keeping distance and staying home when showing any symptoms. We monitor the amount of people in our locations, amongst other things with infrared cameras, so that the maximum capacity in regards to the 1.5 meter regulation can be maintained. Despite that limit on our capacity, we try to make as optimal use of our buildings as possible, with a mix of online and on site colleges and groupwork, with eye for our new first year students, and for our returning students as well. Our staff will work from home as much as possible, but will also at times come to our campuses to teach, to collaborate or just to meet with one another. Maintaining a 1.5 meter distance, of course. 

So if you need to be present at THUAS, you can and are very welcome to. Hosts are present to greet you, help you find your way or answer your questions. 

Students who, due to Covid-19 or related quarantine-measures are unable to take part in organised live educational activities, may contact their programme to discuss possible alternatives.

We wish everyone a healthy and successful academic year

The executive board
Elisabeth Minnemann
Hans Camps
Rajash Rawal