Development of new Photonics research group

Photonics is the technology that focuses on the generation, transportation and detection of light waves and light particles, also called photons. Over the past fifty years, photonics has developed into an innovative technology. The number of (end) products which are launched on the world market is practically countless and their innovative character is noteworthy.

The products are sustainable, energy efficient, small, and available at an increasingly lower cost. Fibre-optic communication, LED lighting, smartphones: we owe all of these to photonics technology. 

One of the intended application fields of the Photonics research group is the manufacturing industry. In the Netherlands, South Holland has the highest concentration of high-tech manufacturing companies. The nearly 104,000 employees and more than 16,000 companies working on High Tech Systems & Materials (HTSM) are important for the competitiveness of South Holland. There is a great demand for skilled technicians and knowledge to leverage the economic opportunities of the smart industry.