Update after the press conference on 21 April

During the press conference on 21 April it quickly became clear that there would be no immediate changes for higher education. The new dates 20 May and 1 September were mentioned. What do these dates mean for The Hague University of Applied Sciences?

20 May, 1 June and 1 September

May 20 will be the next possible date on which the implemented measures may be eased somewhat. In the week prior to 20 May, the Dutch government will announce if and which measures may be (further) eased. In reality this doesn’t change anything for THUAS as we had already made the decision to not offer any physical classes onsite until at least 1 June. We will maintain this decision.
If there is any room to ease these measures before or from 1 June, we will first focus on offering a limited number of practicals and exams. We expect that most other education activities will continue to be offered online even after 1 June.

The government has also announced that all events will be prohibited until 1 September, instead of 1 June. This means that until 1 September there will be no physical events by, for, on behalf or at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Some events may be offered in a different format, for example digitally. Other events, such as graduation ceremonies, may not occur as an event, but we could find another format that doesn’t require a group gathering. However, it is clear that we will not be able to organise any introductory or intro week activities at the start of the new academic year. The Executive Board has decided to not allow any of these in September. We are asking all degree programmes and the campus team to think about alternatives for the introduction period.

Exchanges (incoming & outgoing) and international internships

We understand the need for clarification whether exchanges and international internships will be allowed in the new academic year. This is a very complicated decision as the current situation is quite complex and the conditions change daily. We cannot predict what the world will look like in September. We hope to have a better understanding of this in the near future. That is why we don’t expect to make a decision on this issue before mid May.


 Now that a number of students are unable to go abroad for an exchange, we are receiving questions about enrolment in minors. The normal procedure calls for a second enrolment round (the so-called final round), which will be held as usual. This round will take place from 4 May, 8 am until 18 May. Enrolment occurs via Osiris Student. See your degree programme’s website for more information about the available minors and the procedure.