Student blog: Nadia Isaac – Relief and Development Aid Internship in the Netherlands

One of the privileges of studying in The Hague is being in the city of peace and justice filled with international organizations and opportunities. My name is Nadia Isaac and I’m a 4th year student who did my internship at Cordaid in The Hague specifically. This was an opportunity for which I was predestined. Finding an internship is always difficult and after months of searching for an internship with no luck I was contacted by a previous IPM student who notified me of an opening at Cordaid. Naturally I jumped at this opportunity – this was the beginning of something great; it has opened a new door for me.

Nadia Isaac IPM student

Cordaid stands for the Catholic Organization for Relief and Development Aid and is one of the biggest international development organizations working around the world. As an intern, I am officially part of the MEL (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) team, focusing on coordinating and overseeing the activities of MEL in Cordaid’s corporate monitoring and evaluation software system. Despite having little knowledge on the topic at hand I was excited for the challenge and I believe that my ability to do this work well comes from what I learned during the IPM programme. IPM is a very broad programme, however, I can say it prepared me quite well since we touch on each and every topic one could think of. As such, I could easily fit in and understand what was happening around me at the organization and within my team.

The European Public Management course taken in year 3 helped me a lot during the internship. During one of the practical projects in the course, I was required to use the logical framework approach; having this knowledge greatly helped me within my work as it is something Cordaid uses regularly in the development of some of its projects.

If you’re an IPM student looking for an internship or just starting out in your studies – I highly recommend broadening your network within IPM and making connections with students in other years. You just might need to rely on a fellow student or graduate of IPM later in your career!

Overall, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive, learning from not only other interns and colleagues but the mere opportunity of working at an organization like Cordaid. Having to contribute and be part of a great organization that works around the world helping those affected in the most fragile areas is amazing.