Student Blog: Rachel Aimakhu on her Internship in Nigeria in Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility

My name is Rachel Aimakhu and I am a 4th year IPM student. For my internship, I opted for the field of PR (Public Relations) which comprises around 5% of the IPM program (something we learnt as part of the Professional English subject). As an individual who loves to explore and learn new things, going for that tiny percent of an interestingly vast and in-depth field such as PR, is by far one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. Most intriguing for me was that for my internship I had the opportunity to travel back to Nigeria, West Africa, where the first (almost) two decades of my life were spent living and learning the tradition and culture of this beautiful nation. I left Nigeria permanently for the Netherlands nearly a decade ago and it is surprisingly refreshing to be back here.

Rachel picture with blog As an intern at Hill+Knowlton Strategies Nigeria, a global PR firm with over 80 offices in more than 40 countries around the world, I work with a diverse team of young professionals to help our clients across various sectors (Sports, Oil & Gas, HORECA, FinTech etc.). We help these clients achieve the common goal of having a social environmental impact on their customers and the world.

An example of this has been my support in planning and executing a beach soccer event for LaLiga (Spanish football league - COPA LAGOS) as part of my internship. The soccer event featured participants from both rural and urban areas and took place in the city of Lagos. Those in attendance competed for the chance to travel to Spain where they are given the opportunity to train at the Barcelona Academy and build a possible football career.

Another interesting event I participated in was for Dominos, another client at Hill+Knowlton. We supported Dominos in achieving one of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities by helping raise over 50 million Naira (125,250.00 Euros) for their ‘Slum2School’ programme where less privileged children are given an opportunity to get an education.

All-in-all, I must say that it is both inspiring and challenging to work in a global PR firm that represents huge and reputable corporations and that cuts across diverse industries. I have learnt so much during these past few months and I am looking forward to sharing more of my interesting activities with fellow students and staff members at the IPM programme.