More than sci-fi in Delft

The city of the future is not just something from science fiction. Students from the User Experience Design (UXD) degree programme are also shaping the future, explains lecturer Tim van den Bosch. “Our degree programme works together with various clients in the city of Delft. Students help the city to think about smart technologies, to make sure that Delft will still be attractive in 2040.”

“Our third-year students are gaining real life design experience. They work together in project teams. They pitch their ideas to potential clients. And the clients then choose their favourite proposal. The teams use the Agile Scrum Framework. This brings them into close contact with the client, as they work in short, clearly defined periods. As a result they create a prototype that meets the exact needs of the client.”

Smart solutions

“Delft will face a number of challenges in the upcoming years. How do you present changes before breaking any ground? What will enforcement look like in the future? How do you convince more people to exercise in a public space? Our students have come up with some smart technological solutions to address these challenges. For example, using live dashboards, interactive experiences and innovative apps. The user experience is always key here. All the ideas and prototypes were tested with the residents of Delft. This allowed us to create the most value for the city.”

Grateful for the opportunity

“The students are also pleased with this approach. They feel taken seriously and have a lot of freedom to work. They take responsibility and learn how to be more client-focused. This experience helps them to prepare for their professional career. Of course we hope that the city will implement our ideas and that we can contribute to a more innovative and agile municipal organization. We are very grateful that the city has given students an opportunity to play a leading role in deciding the future of Delft.”