A first: IB is the first to sign an international internship agreement after exchange

International Business has a great scoop at THUAS! The program is the first program within our university to sign an extension to a "Memorandum of Understanding" that recognizes each other’s internships. This extension is signed with partner university Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia.

This agreement states that both universities offer students the option of an international internship, coached by local lecturers, in addition to their exchange semester. In concrete terms, this means that students first go on exchange for six months and then do an internship of six months. The students stay in respectively the Netherlands or Colombia for one year.

Universidad de la Sabana has been a THUAS and IB strategic partner for some time. We have already run two semester-long COIL (Collaborative Online Interactive Learning) projects, and our good and strong relationship is now crowned with this great expansion of our collaboration.

It is certain that students are interested in this new collaboration: the first student from Colombia is already walking around at IB and three IB students are currently on exchange in Bogota, after which they will also do their internship there.