Pieter van Foreest and The Hague University of Applied Sciences begin partnership to promote innovation

Providing innovative care is a topic that is very dear to The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Pieter van Foreest. The two parties signed a partnership agreement on Monday 27 January. They will work together on a research and innovation programme to address a number of challenges in elderly care. New technological discoveries and professional education play a key role here.

Care facility Pieter van Foreest has been working with the faculties of Health, Nutrition and Sport (GVS) and Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for a long time. The students of these faculties are creating technological innovations that will contribute to technology and care. They work from the Health Innovation Centre of Expertise, accompanied by lecturer-researchers. These innovations were discussed during the signing of the agreement.

Applying new technologies

The agreement was the result of a desire of Pieter van Foreest to provide and create innovative projects. This includes applying new technologies to products, services and processes. That is why the partnership with the THUAS knowledge institute is so important. The wishes of Pieter van Foreest’s clients are the starting point and they are actively included in the partnership.

Combining knowledge

What is the most powerful aspect of the partnership agreement? Ad Blom, programme manager of Innovation & Expertise at Pieter van Foreest states: “Innovation is important, but what comes before innovation also matters. A multidisciplinary approach by combining the knowledge of technology experts, nursing staff, etc. Combining this knowledge is what makes this agreement so powerful.”

Diny de Bresser, chair of the Pieter van Foreest Board of Directors: “It’s not only academics that contribute good ideas. Good ideas also come from the professional field. Implementing these ideas: that’s what matters.”

Product innovation

An example: together with start-up company Care-Riing, THUAS students developed a product. They created an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that takes on the voice of a person, in this case the son of a mother with dementia. When the son isn’t available, the mother can still talk to him. Subjects that the mother likes to discuss are recorded in the system so it can provide the correct answers.

Another project that will use new technologies and gadgets is project ‘Spoorzone’, a newly built Pieter van Foreest facility in the centre of Delft. The construction encompasses a new perspective on sustainability, construction, care for freedom and ICT. Other developments and projects are also undertaken from the perspective of innovations.

Virtuele display window

The programme will kick off on 1 February 2020. The innovation questions developed by Pieter van Foreest will be placed in a virtual ‘display window’. To allow students of the Hague University of Applied Sciences to register to transform the innovation question into an innovative product. Practice-based researchers will act as the link between Pieter van Foreest and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.