“Finally! No more cold chicken.”

A short while ago, Floris van Vliet (21) joined the THUAS student panel meeting. “Just for half an hour. I wanted to suggest a good idea to the Executive Board – if they would install microwaves. And what turned out? Others had suggested it before me.” At the request of students, two brand new microwaves have been installed next to the entrance of the canteen.

Studying is best done on a well-filled stomach, believes Floris. After a wrong study choice and six months travelling and working, he is now a first-year student of European Studies and is in the right place. “I am a serious student. My agenda is always full and I study from 9 to 5. So it’s good if I can heat up my own food at the University of Applied Sciences. I’m super happy with the microwaves.”

Cheap but unpleasant

“Look, you can always eat at THUAS,” Floris continues. “The canteen sells meals for between 4 and 6 euros which you can eat almost anywhere. But just calculate what it costs if you regularly buy canteen meals. Many students just don’t have the money. I don’t in any case and that’s why I usually ate my own cold macaroni and vegetables. Or cold chicken with broccoli and rice. Nutritious, healthy and home-made. But cold. Do you know how unpleasant that is?”

Eating from containers

Floris does not have to eat cold chicken anymore. He warms up his own healthy and creative combis in the new microwaves. “They work well and are easy to use. You just go there, set the right watts, stir half way and then just wait till the cheese has melted. I usually make a pot of food for the whole week and bring it to school in containers. I eat it at lunch and on the days that I do CrossFit after studying. I need the calories for the sport.”

We Hear You

THUAS tries to listen to what the students want. This is important, and Floris agrees too. “If you ask for feedback from students, you really must act on it. That this is happening is a good development. The library is now open longer and we have microwaves. This combination is perfect, whether you are a food prepper or love leftovers. We can now both study more and eat well!”

Do you have any ideas how we can make THUAS even better? Share your idea. We hear you.