IPM student wins the Gandhi Essay Writing Competition

As part of International Public Management's (IPM) ongoing collaboration with Stichting Standbeeld Mahatma Gandhi, Elizabeth Joss (Lecturer of English) and students were invited to the International Day of Non-Violence at the Peace Palace on the 2nd of October 2018. During the event, the winners of the Gandhi Essay Writing Competition (held by the Stichting) were announced. Hence, we are proud to announce the top three places held by our students: in first-place, Guna Alvika (IPM 3), second place, Marita Sakellaki (IPM 3) and in third place, Guido Cucchio (IPM 2).

Peace Palace

Speeches were also given by esteemed guests including Mr Eric de Baedts, Director of the Carnegie Foundation Peace Palace; Mr Ram Lakhina, Chairman of Stichting Standbeeld Mahatma Gandhi; Mr Venu Rajamony, Ambassador of India; Joris Voorhoeve, Former Minister of Defense; Rabin Baldewsingh, Former Deputy Mayor of The Hague and Mr Eric Niehe, Former Dutch Ambassador to India. 

Guna Alvika had the following to say upon winning first-prize for her essay titled Fighting Oppression Without Hating the Oppressor: Ode to the Gandhian Way: "Since I moved to The Hague, I dreamed of a day where it was I that was speaking at the Peace Palace rather than simply attending. Therefore, I never expected that a good nudge in the right direction by a lecturer and an inspiring essay competition, would make one of my biggest aspirations in life a reality. Plus, it allowed me to make some truly wonderful and interesting contacts whose minds I would like to further unfold. I think, in terms of the writing process, being an IPM student was a benefit since the topic of 'Relevance of Non-violence in Resolving Conflicts in the Present Day' is so closely tied with the early years of the programme. All I had to do is take myself back and there I was, writing. "

Guido Cucchio also said the following about the event: “Being at the Peace Palace to talk about non-violence and peace made me feel, using the words of Gandhi, like I was taking part in the change I would love to see in this world. We were all together to inspire each other and to invite everyone to bring peace in the World”.