Prize for Mobility Resource Centre

On 19 March, professor Arend de Kloet of the rehabilitation research group was awarded the Onbeperkt070 (The Hague without limits) prize by the Hague alderman Karsten Klein. De Kloet is the driving force behind the idea to open a Mobility Resource Centre (Mobilitheek), where people with a disability can borrow mobility equipment. The initiative received €7,500 in cash for its implementation.

The Mobility Resource Centre in the Sports Campus should incentivise people in The Hague to do more sport and exercise by lowering the threshold to trying out mobility equipment and providing expert guidance and advice. The idea originated in collaboration with The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the municipality of The Hague and Livit.


The jury chose the Mobility Resource Centre from 60 entries because in many ways it is a perfect example of inclusion. For instance, it is an innovative idea that can be replicated and rolled out to other parts of the city, it increases participation in society and it can be implemented in part using the prize money. “Furthermore, the target group clearly benefits from this idea which is fully in line with the plans to drastically increase participation in The Hague over the coming years”, according to the jury report.

Try out equipment

Arend de Kloet, head of the rehabilitation research group and the initiator of the Mobility Resource Centre: “We are extremely happy to win the Onbeperkt070 prize. We think it is important that everyone can enjoy sport. The Mobility Resource Centre is a great start for people who want to know what is possible in terms of exercise with a disability. Many people are eligible for equipment, but this is often not custom-made and remains unused. The Mobility Resource Centre not only offers an opportunity to try out this equipment at your leisure, but it also provides tailored advice. Through this initiative we hope to stimulate participation in sport in the city.”

A great start

Pascal van der Krogt, a Human Kinetic Technology student, has been closely involved with the initiative: “The opening of the Exercise Kiosk on the Sports Campus where people can get advice about exercise with a disability is already a great start. We will now be looking at the financial options for implementing the Mobility Resource Centre and we will be having discussions about this with the municipality, various key figures and companies. We hope to be able to open the Mobility Resource Centre in November 2018.”