Rabie from Syria: ’The MFMC programme at The Hague University will open doors for me’

Refugees are given the opportunity to build a career and create a new future in a new country, which is the goal of the Bright Future Scholarship, offered by the Academy for Masters & Professional Courses. Those who have arrived to the Netherlands as refugees are given the chance to further their studies and make use their talents and skills. One of them is Rabie Enini (38) who fled Syria together with his wife and children. His essay, written with so much enthusiasm and passions, awarded him the scholarship. "I see it as a chance to start over."

Rabie worked as an international project manager in several countries around the Persian Gulf. "When I finished my project, I returned to Syria, telling my colleagues, "I'm going home again." But when the war broke out, we had to flee, and so together with my family, we arrived to the Netherlands. It was all very new and there was so much I didn’t know and so much to learn. And when you have a family, making sure your children have food on the table is the priority.”

Financial training

"In order to find a job in my field, I decided to go back to studying, with the aim of further developing within the financial sector. I was constantly exploring the various options I have online and seeing what would be best route for me. We live in Nootdorp, so Rotterdam, Leiden and The Hague were the best and most feasible options for me, allowing me to cycle there and back. Eventually, I chose The Hague University, and was admitted to the Master Financial Management & Control (MFMC). My next step however, was to get the necessary funding. "

Financial issues

"Unfortunately, an application from the UAF Foundation did not fall through; the required funding proved too big of a loan for them. Other attempts to get the money together were also not working. It was such a disappointment for me, and with the deadline of the first of May looming closer, I was certain that I would not make it. Finally, at the end of April I called The Hague University and said, "Thank you for your acceptance me, but due to financial constraints, I will not be able to join the programme”. Or so I thought.”

There is still hope

"It was in mid-June that I received an email about the new Bright Future Scholarship. I called directly and was informed that I had to write a personal essay. Because of the vacation period, it took a while before hearing back on the decision of the committee, leaving me anxiously waiting. Whether it be God or fate: I received the scholarship and was beyond happy! "

Unlimited possibilities

"With the Netherlands being at the forefront of the economic and financial market, I hope to gain as much knowledge as possible and apply it in my future career, be it in the Netherlands, Syria or anywhere else in the world. This opportunity gives me unlimited possibilities and I'm so grateful to The Hague University for it."