The Hague University of Applied Sciences wins Sports Innovation Prizes

Three different The Hague University of Applied Sciences' projects or projects in which the university of applied sciences took part, won prizes at the National Sport Innovator Event XL on Tuesday 11 October in Eindhoven including the Balance4d project.

The National Sport Innovator Event XL is the successor of the National Sport Innovation Congress that was organised by the National Sport Innovation Platform. With the evolving sports innovation scene in the Netherlands, the congress has acquired a different role. Even more so than in previous years, it has become a hub for representatives from science, government, sport and industry to not only share knowledge, but also to come into contact with each other. To this end, the theme of the congress was Sport innovation matchmaking in industry.

One of the main prizes, worth 30,000 euro's, was awarded to the 'Making the power of the sports wheelchair in wheelchair tennis more effective' project. This project, in which THUAS collaborated with the KNLTB, Motion Matters, Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center | Reade and DIDID, centred around designing a new wheelchair frame with a flat support for the racquet and support for the hand. It uses two chrome plates that increase the contact surface area between the racquet and the hand.

The Healthy Lifestyle in a Supporting Environment research group’s Balance4D project and the MQTest of which the research group is a partner, could both count on a consolation prize of 10,000 euro's.