Innovation Summit comes to The Hague

The How To Get There Summit, initiated by Minister Mr Henk Kamp and Ms Neelie Kroes, is THE place where innovative Netherlands comes together to learn from each other and to do business with startups/scaleups. On November 17, this largest innovation event will take place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where nearly 2500 innovation professionals, growth entrepreneurs, investors, administrators and startups come together to more rapidly innovate.

Innovation Summit Alderman Karsten Klein and Jan Lintsen, member of the board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences today officially welcomed the How To Get There Summit to The Hague together with project director Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen, Commercial Director of The Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. 

More rapid innovation together

The Netherlands is one of the top innovation ecosystems in the world. The Netherlands is practically the same size as the Silicon Valley, is one of the world leaders in science, is densely populated with corporations and through its geographic location, the access port to Europe. Headquartered companies understand that renewal doesn’t always come from the outside. The innovative power of large companies is partially dependent on the startups that provide speed and flexibility in the manner of innovation. The How To Get There Summit was initiated under the banner of StartupDelta to bring the world of corporations, startups and the innovation hubs closer together, to establish smart connections and thus more rapidly innovate as a “single hub”. Visitors don’t come here to present what they do and to listen, but to invest in the future of your company and the innovation ecosystem. 

The Hague, City of Innovation

The Hague, the international city of Peace and Justice, welcomes the Netherlands innovation summit on 17 November. The Hague is a bit underestimated as a “start-up city”. Falsely, because it has a unique composition of governments, international organisations, financial institutions and knowledge institutions. Just that composition offers many opportunities for new companies who are focussed on social innovations with an international impact. Impact City, the innovation hub of the municipality of The Hague, has as its focus the stimulation of an economy besides economic gain, is also targeted toward social impact. Thus providing a contribution to a better world in an entrepreneurial manner.
Parties such as the World Startup Factory, The Hague Security Delta, The Foundation for Society and Business, Dutch Centres for Entrepreneurship, New World Campus, InnovationQuarter, MRDH and regional investment fund UNIIQ underline this mission and have headquartered in the city to support startups and create innovations. 

The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The How To Get There (HTGT) Summit will take place at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, an educational institution with a great deal of experience in entrepreneurship. The university of applied sciences has had years of experience in the education and support of entrepreneurial talent with various minors, research groups and a research platform,called “Next Economy”. THUAS has the ambition to excel in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship through actively involving corporate life. Students and staff of The Hague University of Applied Sciences take part in the programming of the HTGT Summit and have opportunity to get familiar with the innovation landscape in the Netherlands and to make new connections. 

About the How To Get There Summit

In one day, participants in The How To Get There (HTGT) Summit can see, feel, hear and sometimes even taste what the innovation ecosystem of the Netherlands has to offer. Innovation hubs from Brainport Eindhoven to the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and from the Twente Knowledge Park to YES!Delft will exhibit their facilities and share their knowledge and skills. The Dutch corporations will share cross-industry expertise, success stories and their most brilliant mistakes in various breakout sessions with 99 speakers, including those from DSM, the National Police, Ahold, Shell, USG, NRC, Vopak and Dutch top professors on entrepreneurship and innovation, such as Prof. Justin Jansen, Prof. Aard Groen and Prof. Erik Stam. Together with nlgroeit, scaleups will search for the growth formula, and startups will be heavily involved via the Get in the Ring competition to do business with investors, corporations and entrepreneurs.The HTGT Summit is organised by all innovation hubs in the Netherlands with the main organiser being the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. The HTGT Summit will take place in The Hague during the Global Entrepreneurship Week on November 17, 2016. Go to for tickets.