Update following the press conference 12 November 2021

Due to the increasing Covid 19 infection rates and hospital admissions, the Dutch government announced additional measures during the press conference on 12 November. We would like to inform you about what this means for THUAS. The measures that will come into effect on Saturday 13 November at 18.00 will have a limited impact on our on campus education.


Open Day 

The above also applies to the Open Day of tomorrow (Saturday 13 November). We are very pleased that this activity can go ahead as planned. We know that there is an enormous need amongst prospective students to visit the university in person. In addition to the online orientation options currently available, getting a feel for the atmosphere and face to face contact are important parts of the selection process for them. We are well aware that there are concerns amongst visitors, students and staff alike. However, many precautions have been taken to make this Open Day as safe as possible.

Group size restriction

The group size restriction of a maximum of 75 people per room will be reintroduced. Exams are excluded from this restriction. Outside of exams we have few educational activities for larger groups, and for those few activities where this is still the case, we have online alternatives. The restriction also applies to the rooms within our libraries.

Working from home

What will have an impact on our university is the government's announcement that working from home will once again become the norm. This means that we will return to the guideline that employees should only come to campus when strictly necessary for giving or facilitating education. Where this is not the case, you are asked to work from home. Meetings and gatherings for employees will be held online. The exact implications of this in individual cases should be discussed within the team and with the supervisor. We are aware of the appeal we are making on the goodwill and flexibility of all our colleagues.


 We will follow the government guidelines for education. 

  • Wear a facemask when moving through the campus.
  • Keep your distance from each other. Even though the 1.5-metre rule does not apply for education, we still ask you to observe it where possible.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Regularly take a self-test.
  • Ventilate rooms as much as possible.
  • Are you displaying symptoms? Then please get tested and do not come to campus.

The government is looking into the possibility of introducing a Corona admission pass for education. However, this is currently not the case and will only be introduced as a last resort and if there is no other option to keep education open.

We thank you for you for your cooperation and flexibility. Together we can ensure that the level of infections at THUAS is kept as low as possible!  



Press officer(s):

Mvr. C. (Claudia) Verhoeven

Contact information:

06 - 288 37 842