MINIMALISM end SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE | free entry, Dutch spoken presentation

In short


4 October 2021


16:00 - 17:00

Desire for less

Minimalism is about the essence, about what is really important in your life. By removing the excess, there is more room for peace, freedom and happiness.

Interactive presentation about the minimalistic lifestyle by Jelle Derckx, author, actor and blogger. On he creates videos and writes about personal growth, minimalism and sustainability.

With a head full of worries, Jelle Derckx went on a trip to Brazil. This trip and a book he took with him changed his life. Back in the Netherlands he starts to live more minimalistic. And he gets more time and space for the things that really matter to him. Minimalism is about removing the excess. Make more room for rest and for that which brings satisfaction. But how do you do that? Remove the excess?

Jelle tells openly and honestly about his quest. About successes, but also about his frustrations. With his inspiring lecture he makes more minimalist living attractive. And after his down-to-earth tools and tips, you're eager to change course yourself!

Registration is not necessary! You are most welcome in the Speakers' Corner. It is free! Get inspired!


Jelle Derckx is known for his blog growthinkers. There he and his girlfriend write about topics such as personal growth, minimalism and a sustainable lifestyle. In 2018 he published the book Verlangen naar minder (Desire for less) about his quest for a conscious and sustainable life. He also made the podcast series Het Groene Hart and published in various media.