Research Lunch: Heatwaves and vulnerable populations in The Hague: A research design

Understanding the effects of heatwaves on vulnerable population groups in the municipality of The Hague

In short


7 June 2021


12:30 - 13:30


Online, MS Teams

Effects of heatwaves on vulnerable populations in The Hague’ is a new project led by Sylvia Bergh, senior researcher at the Centre of Expertise on Global Governance at THUAS/HHS. The project is implemented with Ashley Richard Longman, who has recently joined the CoE as researcher on this project, as well as with Erwin van Tuijl, Thea Hilhorst, Peter Knorringa, and Jan Fransen at The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), and The Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa (CFIA; Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Universities). The project aims to enhance our understanding of the impact of heatwaves on vulnerable population groups living in The Hague, and to counter the effects through appropriate health risk communication by the municipality. In addition, the project intends to identify and take stock of simple and affordable (so-called ‘frugal’) innovations developed by and for local citizens, both in The Hague and globally, in order to formulate practical policy recommendations. This research project aspires to co-create decentralized and people-centered policy development, ensuring a strong dialogue between stakeholders and leading to creative social innovations that future interventions can build upon. This research lunch will present the research design and make some links to the theme of Global Governance. The presenters look forward to getting (critical) feedback from the audience.

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