Interview of the EU Commissioner for Education Mariya Gabriel

In short


21 May 2021


16:00 - 17:00



On the occasion of the Employment Network Event 2021 of the International and EU Law Programme, 10th edition, Dean Liduine Bremer of the Faculty of Public Management Law and Safety and the Vice-President of the Executive Board of The Hague University of Applied Sciences interview the Member of the European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, in charge of Education, Research and Innovation, together with 4 students from different programmes of The Hague University of Applied Sciences during the Ceremony of the ENE 2021 on Friday 21st May at 16.00 on YouTube Live.

The 4 students are Mr. Sayed Altamash Khalil (International and EU Law Programme), Danielle Vosse (Sports Management Programme), Kristen Tsenkova (European Studies programme) and Gergana Bogdanova (International Business Programme).

The ENE 2021 and this interview has been prepared and arranged by Mr. Aurelien Lorange from the International and EU Law Programme.
You are all invited to attend and watch the event which will be also watched by THUAS students and students and faculty in 14 universities partners and non-partner of THUAS (UCLA, University of Melbourne, Chuo University of Tokyo, Masaryk University, Paris-Sorbonne, etc), but also alumni and employers.

The YouTube link to watch the event is 

About the Employment Network Event

The Employment Network Event is an annual networking conference and job fair, the longest standing job fair for international law students in the Netherlands (since 2010) with more than 500 employers who came to speak to students through the years and more than 50 universities advertising their exchange and Master programmes. The ENE is celebrating in 2021 the 10 years of existence and receives regularly high level speakers (6 EU Commissioners have already participated. The Employment Network Event is a dialogue platform recognised and registered at the EU Transparency register for EU officials and from other organisations to speak to the students and faculty members.