EDIC Lunch Lecture 6: Citizens' Conference on the Future of the EU: How Can You Participate?


In short


15 April 2021


12:15 - 13:15



On March 10, 2021, the kick-off shot was given for a biennial citizens' conference on the future of Europe - an idea launched two years ago by French President Emmanuel Macron and adopted by Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission). The implementation was actually planned earlier, but due to disagreements and the corona crisis, there was some delay.

Now it comes to the end: for two years, citizens can contribute ideas and express their opinion on what they think should change about the EU and what topics they consider important for the next ten to twenty years. This can be done through debates, citizen forums and online consultations.

But how exactly does that work? How can you participate? And what happens with the results afterwards?

European experts will discuss this with each other, and at the end of this lunch lecture you will know more about the role of this citizens' conference and you will also know how you can contribute to the discussion about the future of Europe! Moderated by Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen (Lector 'The Changing role of Europe', The Hague University of Applied Sciences) with speakers Josje van der Ridder (scientific employee at the Social Cultural Planning Office) and Bert van Slooten (former NOS correspondent, Brussels).

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