BFM Circular Challenge

In short


1 - 3 February 2021


09:00 - 17:00


online meetings

This year's BFM Circular Challenge's focus lays somewhere else, compared to Business Games in the past. In the past, finances and creating reports were the main focus. This year, it's creativity, teamwork and sustainability awareness. The goal for all first-year BFM faculty students is to market a sustainable product made by HBO-ICT students. During the three days, students will be encouraged to collaborate in small intercultural teams, earn badges for work, and apply theory they've learned so far

The project

All first year students from the faculty BFM will work on this innovative, international and online project during three days at the end of semester 2. They will become more familiar with the combination of business and sustainability topics. During this international and online project in English the students will work together with students from other BFM programmes in a group of six. They will analyse a prototype for a sustainable product created by IT students during their HBO-ICT Challenge and work on a plan on how to market this innovative product. The students will be assessed on several criteria such as creativity, teamwork and presentation skills.

Learning outcomes

  • Using the English language in writing and speaking throughout all activities during the project
  • Demonstrate project management skills in a circular business context
  • Recognize and adapt to cultural diversity in teamwork related activities
  • Review personal and team learning objectives and achievements in an ongoing process during the project
  • Producing creative solutions for the various assignments
  • Applying the provided theory on sustainability themes in various assignment


25th, 26th and 27th January 2021 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd February 2021 for 1100 BFM students divided over these two weeks.

Infographic BFM Circular Challenge (pdf)