In short


21 - 22 February 2020


22:00 - 05:00


Main Campus

On 21 February 2020, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will be transformed into a crazy club where students and staff can enjoy a great party. In addition to all the serious work and studying, it is a great way to unwind at the start of the year and to talk about all good plans in a relaxing setting.

During the HHS #CONNECTED FESTIVAL, this opportunity arises to get in touch with students and staff from the seven faculties in a chill way. A dance, a drink, a beauty session from Maison and music of the good DJs at the places where you normally spend your time doing your exams. In collaboration with ACKU, student volunteers organize the annual party at the biggest university in The City of The Hague. The preparations for this event demand some good work of the students who participate as volunteers in this unique production at the university. Together we are strong and we make it a big party!

On Friday, February 21, the doors of the university open widely from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and everyone can come and dance at the four different stages where nationally renowned DJs play their music. With sounding names such as Freddy Moreira, Johnny 500, IR-SAIS, HATO, Robin Roxette, Nafthaly Ramona and many others. For this purpose, the Atrium, the examination room and two sports halls are converted into party locations in the university. For all visitors there are lockers in the central restaurant to store your things and there are bars at all locations. In the restaurant you will find a big food stand. Let the party begin, in that gray winter time there is nothing better.

Final edition

The party will be organized for the last time in February 2020 as ACKU ceases to exist at the end of September 2020. For that reason, ACKU would like to invite all former ACKU volunteers to be present at this final edition. Have fun, tickets are available via www.acku.nl For more information you can call 070-4458885 or visit ACKU - Johanna Westerdijkplein 67.