Research lunch: What kind of neighborhood is this?

In short


13 January 2020


12:30 - 13:30


Main campus, Innovation Playground

Everyone who lives in a neighborhood. Every neighborhood has a certain image: among the residents themselves, among urban residents outside the neighborhood, with social institutions, with real estate agents and also in politics and administration.

Can you say that a neighborhood has its own identity and can also be seen as a certain "brand"? Can you use this to improve the neighborhood? Can we do something with the concept of "area branding"?

Hans Kars and Rian Peeters have years of experience with neighborhood-oriented working. They wrote the publication "area branding: working together on successful neighborhoods". This is part of the program of the research group Metropolitan Development. Their report examines the value of area branding on the basis of four neighborhoods in the Netherlands. They also discuss methods of (practice-oriented) research in the neighborhood.

Both authors are present and they present their findings. Response is requested from Social Work, Public Administration and Facility Management teachers. The discussion leadership lies with Vincent Smit, lecturer in metropolitan development.

The spoken language is Dutch. Free entrance!

This research lunch is organized by the Centre of Expertise Governance of Urban Transitions.

More information and registration: Rachel Barrett.