Unravelling the Brexit Conundrum, Legal and Political Perspectives

In short


27 May 2019


15:00 - 18:00


Main campus, VIP room OV3.37

Brexit had been dominating the European and International public opinion for the past two years. In this seminar, the legal and political aspects of Brexit will be discussed by our speakers coming from different fields of expertise.

Chaired by: Dr. Luca Pantaleo

List of Speakers

  • Paul Garlick QC, Lecturer at the Hague University for Applied Sciences, "EU 27 UK Cooperation on Criminal Matters Post Brexit"
  • Dr. Calum Alasdair Young, Lecturer at the Hague University for Applied Sciences," ‘It doesn’t work like that’: Life as a British EU lawyer
  • Dr. Mauro Gatti, Lecturer at the Hague University for Applied Sciences, "How Article 50 TEU Predetermined the Brexit Process"
  • Dr. Mendeltje van Keulen, Lecturer at The Hague University for Applied Science
  • Dr. René Repasi, Assistant Professor at Erasmus School of Law
  • Ms. Suzanne Sule, Communications & Event Manager NBCC
  • Dr. Petra Lindhout, International and European Law Program Manager, THUAS, Closing speech

Student Organizers: Ms. Hend Abo Al Saud, Ms. Jazz Czeyki


The event is free of charge, however registration is a necessity. Please register here.