Surviving your first year

In short


25 April 2019


18:00 - 20:00


Main campus, Kennedy Room

These are all questions that play among many students. As a student you face a lot of new things within your first year that you’ve never had to cope with. Often you might think you’re the only one, until you find out you’re not.

How do incoming MBO- and Secondary students experience their first year? What can be done to make the transition easier for students?What we as students need and our experiences will be the main vocal point of the evening.

Aminata Cairo will give a lecture on this for (prospective) students. Aminata will talk about the ways students can keep themselves grounded. At the ending of the activity there will be room for students to engage in a debate concerning the topic.

The expectation is that most students will be Dutch students from The Hague University. But there is a probability of international Students attending this activity as well.