I is for Involvement-session: De Druk II

In short


13 February 2019


16:00 - 18:00


Main campus, Innovation Playground

"I quietly shove him with my elbow and give him a stern look.  He understands me.  He knows that my look says I didn't pick him up at 9:00am in the morning on my day off so he can misbehave.  Afterwards he quiets down.  Once back in the car with me he can be vulnerable again.  He says:  "I don't know what to do". I say:  "I know, but don't worry.  I am with you.  We will figure it out together".

A mobile youth worker is one of the hardest jobs to have today.  You are at the heart of street culture.  Ricardo Danning will share his experiences as a mobile youth worker in 2019 at the I is for Involvement session.  His presentation will be followed by Fatima El Bouk who will present about how to negotiate youth and home culture in the classroom based on her research.  The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the audience facilitated by the lector Aminata Cairo.