International Organisations and Dispute Settlement: Between old challenges and new perspectives

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4 February 2019


09:00 - 18:00


Hoofdvestiging, OV 3.37

High level event and book launch of Luca Pantaleo’s book titled: "The Participation of the EU in International Dispute Settlement - Lessons from EU Investment Agreements".

In collaboration with the lectorates: Multilevel Regulation and The Changing Role of Europe.

The event will be articulated in three main sessions.


 09:00   Arrival and registration
 09:30   Introduction by Petra Lindhout (The Hague University) and Frank Bakker (Asser Press)
 09:45   Keynote address by Professor Enzo Cannizzaro (La Sapienza)   
 10:30   Session I: 
Prof. Paolo Palchetti (University of Macerata):The EU and International Dispute Settlement,
Andrea Ott (University of Maastricht): Reflections on AG Bot’s Conclusions in Opinion 1/17,
Joris Larik (University of Leiden): Brexit and the settlement of post-withdrawal disputes,
Luca Pantaleo (The Hague University): EU Autonomy and International Dispute Settlement – Friends or Enemies?
 12:00    Lunch
 13:30   Session II:
Barbara Warwas:
Risks and Opportunities of International Regulatory Cooperation under CETA – Defining new roles for private actors,
Marija Bartl (University of Amsterdam): Regulatory Convergence through the Back Door: TTIP’s Regulatory Cooperation and the Future of Precaution in Europe,
Joana Mendes (University of Luxembourg): The External Administrative Layer of EU Law-making: International Decisions in EU Law and the Case of CETA,
Urszula Jaremba (University of Utrecht): Enforcement of EU Trade and Non-trade Values under EU Trade and Investment Agreements
 15:00   Coffee break
 15:30   Session III:
Mendeltje van Keulen and Ronald Roosdorp (Minbuza): Investment disputes in the EU – A policy discussion
 17:00    Conclusions by Liduine Bremer, BRV Dean
 17:10 - 18.00
   Drinks reception

The book EUParticipation of the EU in International Dispute Settlement - Lessons from EU Investment Agreements | Luca Pantaleo -