Book launch ‘Inspired to change: a kaleidoscope of transitions in higher education’

In short


30 May 2018


14:30 - 17:30


Main campus

The way we work together and live together is changing rapidly; in whichever sector we are active. As a result of digitization, robotisation and globalization, value propositions of companies, organizations and also those of higher educated individuals are shifting. The research group Sustainable Talent Development examines how the learning/working environment of higher educated people is changing from the start of their education until they say goodbye to the professional practice.

Several studies have now been combined in the book ‘Inspired to change: a kaleidoscope of transitions in higher education’. We would like to invite you for the official book launch on 30th May. During this launch we wish to inspire you, you will meet the authors and discuss the future of education.

Invitation and program (pdf).