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Jeroen van den Hoven - Expert Meeting

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22 March 2017


19:00 - 22:00


Main campus

On Wednesday March 22, 2017, The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses (M&PC) has organized an Expert Meeting on innovation with Dr Jeroen van den Hoven.

The Expert Meeting is a networking event brought by the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses open and welcome to all!

Theme: "Innovation; a friend or foe?"

As technology and machines start to take over our day-to-day life, who decides if it’s for the benefit of mankind? Robotics and automation are booming in all sectors from robots in the hospital, automated audits,  self-driving cars and delivery,  machines comforting depressed children, to big-data techniques to select applicants, the possibilities are growing exponentially! But the question raised here is, who is  ensuring that the ethical limits are not crossed? Who is then going to decide right from wrong? Where do we draw the line?

During the expert meeting, our guest speaker, Dr Jeroen van den Hoven, Professor of Ethics and Technology at Delft University of Technology, will be deliberating the moral issues that have come about from the use of technology and innovation. You can find out more our guest speaker on his website.


18:30: Walk-in guests 
19:00: Start of the Expert Meeting at 'The Lighthouse' with an introduction speech by the dean of M&PC, Clemens Berendsen
19:15 - 20:30: Plenary presentation by guest speaker Dr Jeroen van den Hoven on 'Innovation: a friend or foe?'
20:30: Short break
20:45: Table discussions NL / EN
During the table discussions, attendees will deliberate the topic and discuss the presentation made by Dr Jeroen van den Hoven.
21:30: Closing drink at the Lighthouse
22:00: End


You can register via the registration form, a plus one is also welcome. Please note that he/she must also register their information


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About the Academy

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses is the knowledge centre of The Hague University of Applied Sciences for post-graduate, master’s and in-company degree programmes. It organises Expert Meetings twice a year. The goal of these meetings is to connect contacts, alumni, students and lecturers, and to strengthen long-term relationships.