Expert Meeting: Artificial Intelligence and the Danger of the Average

Willem van Asperen

In short


12 April 2018


18:00 - 22:00


Main campus

There is a hidden danger threatening the world today that not many people are talking about; the danger of the average.

That is why on Thursday, April 12th, the Academy of Masters and Professional Courses will have its annual Expert Meeting covering the theme of “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Danger of the Average” with guest speaker Willem van Asperen, Director of Artificial Intelligence at PA Consultancy Group.

The event is an inspiring knowledge-sharing evening that'll bring you new insights into the world of AI.


What is the biggest problem with AI? Is it losing jobs because all work will be robotized? Or is it the fear that those with the biggest AI will rule the world? Or is losing control of machines and they take over our lives?

During the Expert Meeting, Willem will unravel what is happening and discuss the importance of AI. Not being a sociologist or a psycho analyst, Willem will resort to the techniques he knows best: machine learning. Using the driving mathematics behind the technology and his own personal experience working with many different organisations, Willem will investigate “the danger of the average” and explore how AI will impact our day to day life.


18.00 Welcome guests who are joining for the dinner
18.30 Welcome guests who are not joining the dinner
19.00 Start of the Expert Meeting at 'The Lighthouse' with an introduction speech by the Dean of M&PC, Clemens Berendsen
19.15 Presentation by Willem van Asperen
20.15 Break
20.30 Table discussion
21.00 Discuss outcomes of table discussions
21.15 Closing drinks at 'The Lighthouse'
22.00 End


You can register for the event via the registration form.

Feel free to bring a plus one (please note that he/she must also register for the event.)


The Hague University
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75
2521 EN The Hague
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About the speaker

Willem van Asperen is a proud nerd. With an extensive background in Artificial Intelligence (University of Amsterdam), specializing in neural networks, he is now Director of Applied Artificial Intelligence at PA Consulting Group. In that role he looks at the applicability of AI techniques and to solving business problems, in essentially any market, ranging from financial services, education and to manufacturing.

About the Academy 

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