Hybrid student entrepreneur competition 2017

In short


18 May 2017


11:00 - 17:00


Main campus

On 18 May 2017, the Financial Inclusion & New Entrepreneurship research group at TheHague University of Applied Sciences will be organising the fourth Hybrid Entrepreneur Day,which will include the Hybrid Student Entrepreneur Competition. Students who have their ownbusiness or entrepreneurial side job alongside their studies can participate.

Are you a hybrid student entrepeneur who combines studying with entrepreneurship?

The best 25 participants can then take part in the market, where they can present their company to the visitors. A jury will be determining the winners of three awards. The public will also be choosing a winner during the event, as well as in a Facebook campaign.

Why organise such a competition?

The goal is to focus more attention on this rapidly emerging form of entrepreneurship and to lend hybrid student entrepreneurs a helping hand. The Financial Inclusion & New Entrepreneurship research group has been conducting research into this for a number of years. If you do not spend 100% of your time on your business, but are also enrolled in a degree programme and/or have a job on the side or are involved in a social organisation, you are considered a hybrid entrepreneur.

Why should you take part?

Apart from the awards that can be won, you will receive help from entrepreneurs, coaches and lecturers with your business plan and its execution. You get the opportunity to expand your network and come into contact with potential customers. The winner can also enjoy media and other attention, although all participants receive extra publicity, which increases the awareness of your company. It’s fun to take part and you can immediately compare your efforts with those of fellow student entrepreneurs.


The following awards will be presented this year:

Event Award (€ 250)

This is the award presented to the student who signs up the most other students. You do not need to personally enter this competition. You can only win the award if the students you nominated end up participating on 18 May.

Jury Awards

The jury ultimately decides on the following three awards:

Hybrid Student Entrepreneur Award (€ 2,000 cash) 

First prize is awarded to the student who best combines his or her studies with entrepreneurship. 

Collaboration Award from Rabobank (€ 1,500) 

This award consists of two prizes: 

  • One coaching/advice session with our Business Start-up Coordinator valued at € 500.
  • € 1,000 to purchase services from one of our customers. The winner can, for example, send the invoice for the web designer, copywriter or photographer to us and Rabobank Haaglanden will pay it.

Social Entrepreneur Award (€ 1,000 cash) 

This award is presented to the student who explicitly and demonstrably uses his or her company to focus on a social or societal problem and addresses it in a creative and innovative way. 

Public Award (€ 1,000 cash)

All visitors can vote for their favourite participant on 18 May. The hybrid entrepreneur with the most votes wins the Public Award.


E-mail your plan to hybridewedstrijd@hhs.nl by 3 April 2017. You can also contact this adress if you have any questions regarding the registration process. For questions related to content or tips, send an e-mail to Toon Buddingh.

The following must be included in the plan:

  • Background on you personally as a hybrid student entrepreneur and why you became a hybrid student entrepreneur.
  • Why you can be labelled a hybrid student entrepreneur. Your ultimate goal and why it is attainable.A description of the challenges you face.
  • Your company or idea (max. 6 pages). A detailed description of the product, market, organisation and business model. An estimated budget should also be included.

This competition is made possible in part by:

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