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Thijs Homan

In short


10 November 2016


18:30 - 21:30


Main campus

On Thursday 10 November, the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses (M&PC) is holding an Expert Meeting on change management with Prof. dr. Thijs Homan. The Expert Meeting is the network event of the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses.

We are pleased to invite you to this event. You are sincerely welcome to attend, even if this is the first contact you have with us. 

Theme: Let’s change

There are very few organisations that are not currently undergoing a change trajectory. Even more so, some organisations are going through three, four or five of these at the same time! During the Expert Meeting, Thijs Homan will present a new perspective on organisational change - the 'insider view' of change. Not a prescriptive view of how change should be done, but how change happens in reality. What happens exactly when organisations change? And which conditions make them start moving? A thorough analysis of the dynamics leads to new understanding about what organisational change really is. Homan combines theories about social meaning processes with the theory of chaos and complexity. He also explicitly looks at the psychological aspects of change and the power processes that underlie change. He uses these ideas to introduce a new, concrete perspective on the ins and outs of organisational change.


6.30 pm: Doors open
7.00 pm: Welcome
7.10 pm: Round table discussions (NL/EN)
7.50 pm: Coffee/tea
8.00 pm: Plenary session with keynote speaker Prof. dr. Thijs Homan (EN)
9.30 pm: Networking drinks  


Participation in this event is free.  
Registration is required. Register here for the Expert Meeting. You can register for both the round table discussion and the keynote speaker, or you can register for one of these. There are limited places for the round table discussion, so please register quickly.

Bring a friend

Is one of your colleagues, friends or acquaintances interested in this event? He or she is more than welcome and can register by filling out the registration form.


The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague

About the Academy

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses is the knowledge centre of The Hague University of Applied Sciences for post-graduate, master’s and in-company degree programmes. It organises Expert Meetings twice a year. The goal of these meetings is to connect contacts, alumni, students and lecturers, and to strengthen long-term relationships.