Frequently Asked Questions



The following applies to staff members:

  • Work from home as much as possible.  

  • Only come to work when stricktly necessary.

  • On average, half the total number of workstations will be available.

  • Coordinate with your team and management how the workstations will be divided.

  • Hold meetings online as much as possible.

  • Be considerate and keep communicating with each other.

  • Take your own responsibility and space within the established frameworks.

  • We expect that all colleagues will do that.

Employees who cannot or do not want to, but do need to be present, must coordinate this with their manager.

There are a number of education activities that will be scheduled to take place at the school. During scheduling we look at the maximum allowed occupation per classroom.

We are still allowed to give limited face-to-face education which is very important to us. To be able to offer some face-to-face education (and also online education), it is necessary that some of the necessary staff members come to THUAS for that reason. Not only for teaching but also for educational support and other related tasks.

All other staff members are required to work from home.

If you have to be physically present at The Hague University of Applied Sciences but don’t feel comfortable or are unable to, please discuss possible alternatives with your supervisor.
Research activities can only continue to take place on the campus if they are strictly location-specific. Some research cannot be conducted from home. In that case the researcher can consult with their direct supervisor to determine if it is desirable or possible to resume the research at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Research that has to be conducted at other locations will depend on the guidelines for that specific location. Other types of research should be done from home.
It is important to state that work will continue as usual as much as possible. We expect everyone to work from home unless presence at the university is stricktly necessary. If it is not possible to work from home, please contact your supervisor.
Yes, this declaration is available and can be downloaded from and you can fill it in yourself. The Hague University of Applied Sciences assumes that employees who fill in this declaration do so in consultation with their manager. And that they must carry out work that is crucial to the educational process, which justifies this declaration. The Hague University of Applied Sciences is not responsible for any misuse of this declaration.

Workplace (at the university and at home)

  • Workplaces that should not be used are stickered.

  • Choose workplaces that allow for maximum distancing.

  • No chairs will be removed.

  • Don’t lend out any items, like whiteboard markers.

  • Avoid walking through occupied classrooms.

  • Don’t distribute handouts or documents, do it online.

  • Staff members are provided with hygienic supplies to clean their workplace before and after use. These can be collected from faculty offices and secretariats.

Do you want to improve your home workplace? Via iFrontoffice > Workplace staff member, an extra option has been added: Home workplace. Via this option you can request various items on loan, such as:

  • A standard office chair;
  • Various IT resources, such as a screen, replicator or mouse.

It's also possible to request workplace advice (remotely). Want to know more about this loan option? Go to iFrontoffice > Workplace staff member > Home workplace.

It is possible to order a standard office chair on loan. This can be done via iFrontoffice > Workplace staff member > Home workplace. Here you will find all the necessary information about this loan arrangement. If you brought a chair or a monitor from your physical workplace at the beginning of the crisis, you do not need to exchange or return it at this stage.

Because it is currently difficult to have the declarations signed physically, due to the advice to work from home as much as possible, we have temporarily adapted or eased the process surrounding the delivery. What do we need:

In this way we hope to make it possible for you to claim costs in the period in which working from home is the norm. Until further notice, this will be the case until the 15th of July 2021.

Yes, that is possible. New employees can contact (070-4457777) the IT-frontoffice. The frontoffice will verify the mobile number of the staff member, after which he or she will receive the login data by sms. 
Yes, staff who, due to the Corona measure ‘working from home’ and are demonstrably making business calls with their private mobile, will be reimbursed for the "additional costs" (outside the bundle) and can claim this. You can fill in a declaration form "advanced costs" and have it signed by your budget holder. The signed declaration form, including the specification that shows that additional costs (outside your bundle) have been incurred, is submitted by your budget holder via
Yes, but only if you do not have a THUAS mobile phone and it can be demonstrated that 90% of the use of the phone is business related. 

(Online) education and exams

On the site of ‘De Haagse Blend’ you will find a lot of information about teaching from home (in Dutch).

Do you want to read more on blended learning in general, please have a closer look at the site of ‘De Haagse Blend’. 
In this article on intranet you will find tips for organizing education with 1,5 meter distance.
Please go to the intranet to read information about exams in corona times.
We cannot rule out that any changes to or deviations from the EER and OLP may still be the topic of discussion. However, all diverging measures have been carefully checked with the legal team and the examination boards. You can read more about the changes made here. 

The transition from physical to more digital education is an important development in how we offer our education. We have been studying ways to enable more Blended Learning opportunities for a while. Over the past period, we have made significant progress there. We not only want to sustain this progress, but we want to solidify and expand it.

There is already a lot of information and expertise available about Blended Learning. Click here for the page on the Staff Portal. And/or contact the OKC education consultants.


Working from home

We have a website about Office 365 Team within Educational Services where you can find a lot of information about the use of Office 365 (including Teams): 

Here you will also find a page with the option to schedule a 15-minute session with someone from our team for questions/advice on the use of Office 365: 
On the intranet you can read how THUAS can support you in finding balance between work and your private life.
Vital Working is all about being and staying competent, productive, motivated and fit at work. Right now, in corona time, it is important to pay attention to this. You will find tips on how to keep working vitally on the intranet.
In this situation it is especially important that you keep in touch with your manager and, if possible, colleagues. If you want extra support, THUAS provides this. Our permanent corporate social worker (Valerie Graglia of GIMD) offers personal assistance and guidance "remotely". Complete the Livvit online application form together with your manager. The company social worker will contact you by phone or email within a few days. 

Check the intranet for more general information about  Livvit.

Zoom is an application that allows you to make video calls via the internet with a PC, laptop or smartphone. Within The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Microsoft Teams is used for all online meetings and events initiated by us. This means that Zoom as an application is not supported by the department Facilities & IT. Suppose another organization invites you to a Zoom meeting, you can still participate by following these steps.


When you are invited to a Zoom meeting or event you will receive an email from the organizer. This email contains a meeting link, meeting ID and passcode. You need these to participate.


Follow the next steps to join the meeting or event:

  • Step 1: If you want to participate, click on the link in the email. This opens a web page *. This web page will ask you to download a file, cancel this download.
  • Step 2: On the web page you will find the "Launch Meeting" button. Click on this.
  • Step 3: After clicking, the option "Having issues with Zoom Client? Join from Your Browser " appears. Click on this.
  • Step 4: The newly opened page offers you the option to enter a name. This is the name that the other meeting participants will see. After entering a name, confirm that you are not a robot by completing the reCAPTCHA.
  • Step 5: Now click on the "Join" button.

You will now join the meeting or event. Depending on the organizer's settings, you may be placed in a queue to join. In that case, the organizer must first approve your participation.

Connection with students and students’ wellbeing

On the Employee Portal you will find information that can support you in guiding students, both in terms of their study and personally. 
We know that it is very important to have a connection with the students. We are also taking this into consideration with the timetable planning. Introductory activities are again permitted, provided these are daytime activities (no overnight stays or camps). Here too, you must comply with the applicable measures, such as group size.

All events and meetings, including diploma or propaedeutic ceremonies, go ahead, provided that the applicable measures, such as group size, are taken into account. For more information about diploma or propaedeutic ceremonies, see Studying > Internship and graduation on this information page.

Traveling for work

(Foreign) travel is permitted to countries with a code green or yellow, whereby the measures of the government in the home country and the country of destination apply.