Zuiderpark Sports Campus

Sportcampus Zuiderpark

Image: Valerie Kuypers, Zuiderpark Sport Campus

At the location of the old ADO The Hague football stadium in Zuiderpark, THUAS, the Municipality of The Hague and Mondriaan regional training centre have joined forces to create a new centre for sports, exercise and education called the Zuiderpark Sports Campus. A sports complex that combines knowledge of movement and exercise with high-quality sports facilities.

New housing for Teacher Education in Physical Education (HALO) and International Sports Management

Starting September 2017, the Zuiderpark Sports Campus will be the new home of the HALO programme (Teacher Education in Physical Education) and International Sports Management programme. These degree programmes were previously located on Laan van Poot. The Mondriaan regional training centre will also be joining with its Lifestyle, Sports and Movement programme. The sports complex will ultimately accommodate 1,500 students.

Sporty boost through research

The Zuiderpark Sports Campus also aims to give local (disadvantaged) neighbourhoods a sporty boost. Student projects (which we call Team Players) motivate local residents to play more sports and get active. THUAS will also be conducting research into how the low exercise level of local residents can be improved, producing a positive health effect, and into the needs of disabled sports and top-level sports. THUAS is working together with TU Delft, VU Amsterdam, the University of Amsterdam and Sophia Rehabilitation Centre in these endeavours. The ultimate goal is to also offer Master’s programmes together with these partners.

Zuiderpark Sports Campus design

The building will house an all-purpose sports centre that can accommodate 3,500 persons. The new complex will also contain four gyms, a dance studio, a dojo, and twelve lecture and instruction rooms. There will also be a beach sports facility with six beach volleyball courts and one for beach soccer. A gymnastics centre and an amateur sportshall complete the indoor facilities at the Zuiderpark Sports Campus. Outside will be football fields, a multifunctional artificial turf field and a beach court.

FaulknersBrowns Architects from Newcastle-upon-Tyne created the iconic design. Ballast Nedam and Kuijpers Installatie constructed the Zuiderpark Sports Campus under the project name TeamSport Zuiderpark VOF.

Visit http://sportcampuszuiderpark.nl/ for more information (currently only in Dutch).


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