Purple Friday

Paarse Vrijdag


Purple Friday anyone? 

Purple Friday is a day when everyone can show solidarity with the LGBTIQ+ community, simply by wearing a purple garment. This initiative came over from the United States and Canada, where Spirit Day took place for the first time. It is intended as a means to combat bullying of LGBTIQ+ teens and young adults. THUAS endorses this initiative and calls on all its students and staff members who stand together with the queer community to wear purple on 10 December. 

On Purple Friday, The Lighthouse and the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force are organising an (online) programme with the theme: ‘Diversity in the Rainbow Community’. This programme is for everyone studying or working at The Hague University of Applied Sciences who has a lot or even little knowledge of the queer community.

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Due to the corona measurements we offer a full online program. It is mandatory to sign up using the following link.

10h30 – 12h00 | Diversity in the Rainbow Community with Loiza Lamers, among others 

In this session, we will dive into the diversity within the Rainbow Community together with the audience. This session is not only for people who identify as queer, but also for their ‘allies’. Esmee Geertsma, GSA coordinator of COC Haaglanden, explores with us the different identities that are covered under the umbrella term ‘Queer’. What are the terms and what do they all mean? Non-binary, gender fluid, and what does the ‘+’ in LGBTIQ+ stand for again? 

Based on our panellists’ life stories and experiences, we will subsequently delve deeper into that theory. Understanding what a term means is one thing, but genuine understanding and connection can only exist when you hear the life story behind the terminology. That includes the difficult and challenging moments, but also the joy and power that comes from being queer. The panellists include Loiza Lamers, winner of the TV programme Holland’s Next Top Model and the world’s first transgender model to win this competition. 

We are planning for an online session but depending on the corona measurements we might be able to turn it into a hybrid session. More information to follow in the last week before Purple Friday. 

13h00 – 14h00 | Workshop: ‘Queer or Gay’: how to deal with differences and uncertainty in education.

Within The Hague University of Applied Sciences, it is everyone’s joint task to create a safe learning and working environment. Yet that is easier said than done. How should you, as a lecturer, respond when the class is disrupted because someone is being bullied due to their sexual orientation? How do you react to a distasteful joke by a colleague at a New Year’s reception? 

It all starts with awareness of your own discomfort and the world around you. Fed by her own experiences and thorough research, Naomi van Stapele (Lecturer/Professor of Inclusive Education, Global & Inclusive Learning CoE) will take you on the path from action awareness to action competence during this workshop. 

This will be an online workshop and is geared towards for lecturers and staff members. 

16h00 – 17h30 | Launch online card Queer Support The Hague 

Alderman Arjen Kapteijns of emancipation will launch the online social map Queer Support The Hague on 10 December during this online session. Bappie Kortram, known from the transgender YouTube channel 'Kutmannen', will question the alderman about the online social map and The Hague's queer emancipation policy. After that, Bappie talks to three panel guests about being queer in The Hague.

14 December | 16h30 – 18h30 | Student&Wellbeing | Workshop: Experimenting with Gender

Which gender do I identify with and how should I express this? It can be a struggle. Of course, we have more and more words (e.g. transgender, gender diverse, non-binary, gender fluid) that give us language to express different feelings and thoughts about our gender. But for many, the search goes beyond just finding the right word or letter that you most identify with. 

A characteristic of gender identity is that it can be confusing and constantly evolving. What meaning do you give to all the feelings and thoughts? In this in-person session, we start from the premise that you do not need to have all the answers right now. We believe that it can be nice to have an idea of what you might encounter in your search and hear about the experiences of others. After all, you are not alone.

This will be an in-person workshop and is geared more towards students however, as always, staff members are more then welcome to join too in this session organised by The Lighthouse.