Do you want to work behind the scenes and help organise the community dinner and the side event? Then join the THUAS♥OYW Student Team. As a volunteer in the Student Team you will also have the chance to pull up a chair at the community dinner. For more information, contact Fady Mikhail (f.mikhail@hhs.nl). Fady is a student at THUAS and an OYW Ambassador on behalf of The Municipality of The Hague. He attended the OYW summit in Colombia last year

More information

For more information about OYW, please see https://www.oneyoungworld.com. The website also contains the OYW’s social media accounts. A group of young people will also attend this year’s summit on behalf of The Municipality of The Hague. These include Rosa Bark and Benjamin Schriel, OYW Ambassadors and THUAS students.


One Young World @ De Haagse Hogeschool