Building a better world

Do you want to make the world a better place too? Do you want to meet young people from around the world who want to make a difference too? Then grab the opportunity to go to the summit yourself. THUAS empowers its students to change and improve the world in which they live. This is why we are sponsoring the entry tickets (worth € 3,250) for 6 students to attend the summit. The 9th One Young World summit will be held in The Hague from Wednesday 17 - Saturday 20 October.

Fady Mikhail, second year Finance and Control student, attended the summit last year in Bogota (Colombia).

“It was an amazing and impressive experience. Of course it’s great and inspiring to see famous people like Kofi Annan and Bob Geldof. But it was the stories of the delegates that stayed with me. For example, I met a guy from Rwanda who had lost both his parents during the civil war and had to flee from the violence. He now helps other young people who have gone through similar traumatic experiences. You don’t have to do something huge to make the world a better place. You can make a difference in your own neighbourhood or community.”

What are the conditions?

  1. You want to work with others to make the world a better place.
  2. You are aged between 18 and 30 years.
  3. You are studying at THUAS in the 2018/2019 academic year.
  4. You are available full-time to take part in the summit between 17 and 20 October.
  5. You speak good English.
  6. You have good networking and communications skills.
  7. You are prepared to share your plans and experiences with students and staff of The Hague University of Applied Sciences before, during and after the summit.

What does a sponsored ticket include?

  • Free entrance to the summit.
  • All summit handouts and support materials.
  • Travel and lodgings will not be covered.
  • Each ticket is worth 3,250 Euros.

How can you join?

  • Make a presentation of your ideas to make the world a better place. Focus on one of the summit’s five themes (education, health, environment, human rights and poverty alleviation). Do you need some ideas? Then see the bottom of this page.
  • You can choose how you present your plans yourself. For example: an essay (in English, max. 300 words), a video (in English, max. 3 minutes), a poem (in English, max. 300 words), a collage, painting or photo with an explanation (in English, max. 100 words).
  • Submit your presentation before 12:00 on Monday September 3. To submit your presentation, fill in the form and upload your presentation. Do not forget to fill in why you should be chosen as 1 of the 6 THUAS delegates on the form (max. 150 words). If your presentation is not digital, state this on the registration form. You can bring your presentation in person to the OKC (Poseidon 6.12) from Monday August 27 - Monday September 3 before 12.00 am.

How does the selection work?

  • The initial selection will be held on Monday September 3 and will be done by a team of students, lecturers and communications specialists. Only submissions that are submitted on time and are complete will be considered. The submissions will be assessed for originality, content/argumentation and relevance to 1 of the 5 OYW summit themes.
  • Up to 12 candidates will be invited for a second round on Monday September 10 from 3 pm till 5 pm Each candidate will give a pitch of up to 3 minutes in English.
    • Explain the issue that you want to deal with and how you plan to do so.
    • Explain why the jury should choose you.
    • No AV resources may be used in the pitches.

In the week preceding the summit, there will be a meeting for the 6 THUAS delegates to meet each other. They will also meet the 3 OYW Ambassadors who are studying at THUAS and who will also be going to the summit. They will also get a crash course in networking and intercultural communication.

OYW´s website contains information about the summit in The Hague. Read more about the programme and the international speakers such as Amal Clooney and Mary Robinson. The website also contains more information about the 5 themes at the heart of the summit and you can read about the impacts of the previous summits.

The pitches will be evaluated on content/argumentation and presentation. The jury will make the winners known after the second round. All other candidates will receive an invitation to the community dinner. The dinner will be held on Friday 19 October for 100 THUAS students and 100 participants of the OYW summit.

Do you need some ideas?

  • See the film on YouTube on the highlights of last year´s summit in Bogota (Colombia).
  • Do you want to know the experiences of the Dutch participants? Then watch the film of the five young people from The Hague who went to the summit in Colombia last year.


One Young World @ De Haagse Hogeschool



Yes! I want to be a delegate! Grab the chance to be part of an international network of young people who, just like you, are working for a better world. Sign up to be a THUAS delegate now and you may get 1 of the 6 entry tickets.