One Young World

The 9th annual One Young World (OYW) congress will be held in The Hague from Wednesday 17 - Saturday 20 October. The Hague University of Applied Sciences will not let an opportunity like this pass! We give 6 students the chance to attend the event live by sponsoring their entry tickets. Apart from that, we will host a community dinner for 100 students and will show live streams of the summit. We are also working on a side event at THUAS.

Let’s change. You. Us. The world!

The participants at the OYW summit aim to bring positive changes to the world. And we at THUAS want to do this too. We will not let an event like this, that will take place in our own backyard, pass unnoticed. In cooperation with the Municipality of The Hague - which is hosting the international delegates - we are working on a side event in which we will make connections in THUAS with the themes that are at the heart of the summit. These are education, health, environment, human rights and poverty alleviation. These could be live streams of plenary sessions or activities in The Lighthouse. We will also host a community dinner for 100 participants of the OYW summit and 100 University of Applied Sciences students. More information about the programme and the community dinner will follow.

If you want to know more, see the film with the highlights of the previous summit.


One Young World @ THUAS