THUAS’ storytellers 

Stories have always been an important means of exchanging knowledge, of transferring culture from one generation to the next. Stories can inspire, can make you think about our world and the place you occupy in it. Almost everybody can give examples of stories, fairy tales, myths or lore, which have stayed with them, that contributed to their growth as human beings. 

Sharing those stories is a great way to show others a part of who you are. It encourages the other to listen attentively, to be taken on a mental journey, and to be surprised. The storytellers on this page have such a story, and are happy to share it with you.


We aim to further expand this collection of stories.  

Which stories from your childhood (or later in life, that works just as well) were told to you by your (grand) parents? What myths have you always remembered, or have taught you a valuable lesson? Or maybe you have written a story yourself? Do you dare to share it? If so, then please contact Bas Schrijver for more details.