The THUAS Quality Agreements

The THUAS Quality Agreements are agreements made by The Hague University of Applied Sciences together with the participatory councils to improve the quality of our education, using extra funds (known as study advance funds) from the government. The university has already used these funds in many ways. The Commercial Economics programme, for instance, tightened up the guidance of its students, Industrial Design Engineering gave its long-term students an extra push, Accountancy hired external thesis supervisors and Social Work developed a flexible part-time variant. The IT & Design faculty designed a simulation of a design studio and the M&O faculty gave an impulse to their CarE project for our Caribbean Dutch students. A Well-being Week was organised for all students. And there is much more. You can see a selection of examples here.

Working on the quality agreements

What do the THUAS Quality Agreements actually entail? And how did THUAS set up the plan?

Accountancy External thesis supervisors

The Accountancy programme strengthens its cooperation with professional practice by employing external thesis supervisors.

Foto Tijdens de Opleiding Commerciele Economie More focus on student guidance

The Commercial Economics programme focuses more than ever on student guidance.

New designers New Designers

The IT & Design faculty creates 'New Designers', a simulation of a design studio.

CarE groepsfoto240 Project CarE

The Faculty of Management & Organisation gives impetus to 'CarE', a project for Caribbean students.

Social Work (1) Flexible variant

The Social Work programme develops flexible part-time education.

JWP by night Long-term students

The programme Industrial Design Engineering gives long-time students an extra push.

Kleinschalige lessituatie Zoetermeer SEN students

HBO-ICT programme expands support for students with Special Educational Needs.

Wellbeing Week Well-being week

The Hague University of Applied Sciences organises a Well-being Week for all students.