Human Resources Management

THUAS is faced with the challenge of realising its aims relating to people, work and organisation and improving and optimising the THUAS-wide support processes. For an education and knowledge institution like THUAS, available, qualified, motivated and healthy personnel are vitally important. Human Resource Management provides support with this, and is also responsible for the continued development of THUAS as a whole.

The department’s organisation is approachable and accessible, including through the Unit First Line Advice HRM. This unit is comprised of devolved advisors and a service point. Together, they seek to ensure that the services provided are a good fit for the faculties and service departments. Specialists work closely with faculties and other service departments to develop people, work and the organisation and the policies necessary for this.


Mrs dr C. van Halsema (Ineke)

Human Resource Management Units

  • HRM Staff & Administration Office
  • First Line Advice Unit
  • Human Resource Management Unit
  • Human Resource Development Unit


HRM Service Point
+31 (0)70 - 445 7950