Faculty of IT & Design


DeanG. de Ruiter MA (Gert)
Faculty Office Managerdrs. M.L. van de Werke  (Marianne)


ProgrammesProgramme managers
Business IT & Management (The Hague, Zoetermeer)ing. A.M. van Steenvelt (Sandra) MA EMITA
Communication & Multimedia Design (The Hague)P.R. Visser (Petra)
Human Technology (The Hague)P.R. Visser (Petra)
Information Technology (The Hague, Zoetermeer)ing. A.M. van Steenvelt (Sandra) MA EMITA
Information Services & Management (The Haque)ing. A.M. van Steenvelt (Sandra) MA EMITA
Information Security Management (Zoetermeer)ing. A.M. van Steenvelt (Sandra) MA EMITA
Computer Science (Delft)ing. A.M. van Steenvelt (Sandra) MA EMITA


Leading head of the research group

Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer
Research platform/themeProgramme coordinator
Quality of life: technoloqy for healthMarcella Hallemeesch
Research GroupLector
Information, Technology and SocietyBert Mulder
Cyber Security & SafetyMarcel Spruit
Information, Technology and SocietyDick Rijken
Philosophy and Professional PracticeMarli Huijer


The Faculty of IT & Design provides the following degree programmes on the following three campuses:

Main campus

  • Business IT & Management
  • Communication & Multimedia Design
  • Information Technology
  • Information Services & Management

Zoetermeer Campus

  • Business IT & Management
  • Information Technology
  • Information Security Management

Delft Campus

  • Computer Science