Faculty of Health, Nutrition & Sport


DeanS.L.F. Burgers-Geerinckx, MHA (Son)
Faculty Office Managerdrs. M. van der Heijden (Marijke) (interim)


ProgrammesProgramme managers
Human Kinetic TechnologyW.N. Looije (Willem)
HALO (CROHO: Teacher Education in Physical Eduction)E. Taal (Elly)
Nursingdr. M.T. Slager (Meralda)
Skin Therapydrs. S.P.J. Brukx (Suzan)
Nutrition and Dieteticsdr. ir. M. Verheus (Martijn)
Sport studies (CROHO: Sports and Physical Exercise) C. Makumbe (Claudia)
International Sport ManagementC. Makumbe (Claudia)


Research platform / themeProgramme coordinator
Quality of life: technology for health
Chris Wallner
Research groupLector
Family CareDeirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer
RehabilitationArend de Kloet
Healthy Lifestyle in a Supporting EnvironmentSanne de Vries
Oncological careJoost van der Sijp


The degree programmes are taught at the main campus, Johanna Westerdijkplein, and at the Laan van Poot campus, both in The Hague.