Education, Knowledge & Communication

With five clusters, this service department is broad in its scope and its objective is to initiate and stimulate strategic developments throughout THUAS and bring these to fruition. It then makes these developments visible and facilitates their implementation at the faculties and other service departments. The department helps the faculties to fulfil their key task relating to education and research and supports the Executive Board in the development of a broad institution strategy as a knowledge institution. It helps strengthen The Hague University of Applied Sciences’ positioning and provides many different support services for students. The department seeks to develop THUAS-wide themes such as network organisation and global citizenship in an integrated way and embed these in line with policy.


Theo Bakker, MA MSc MMD

Education, Knowledge & Communication Units

  • Staff & Administration Office EK&C: Babette Tresfon
  • Marketing & Communications: Patricia Hoogland (temporary replacement)
  • Education & Research Unit: Jeanieke Kuijper
  • Library Unit: Tecla ten Berge
  • Student Service Unit: Paul van Doorn


Education, Knowledge & Communication Units Secretariat

Poseidon, 6th floor
Telephone: +31 (0)70 - 445 7555


+31 (0)70 - 445 7882