Improve your networking skills

Tuesday 28 January 2020 (7 – 10 pm)


In our daily (working) lives we are all involved with networking – a collection of people maintaining mutual relations. The networks we are part of can even overlap one another. For instance, colleagues could live a stone’s throw away from each other without realising it, family members could be active at the same sports club, or some of us may ask the same colleagues for advice about issues at and about work.

But why would you purposely want to build and maintain a network? All the people you know have money, influence, talent, knowledge, experience and their own network of at least 600 relations. You can make use of them if you maintain these relations in a proper and pleasant manner. In fact, those relations’ resources form a fabulous ‘savings account’ enabling you to achieve your goals more easily, quickly, effectively and cheaply than you could alone. The question is whether all together you know the right people with the right savings account and whether you are able to utilise those relations to achieve your goals. It is worth your while to strategically develop and use relations. 

During this practical and interactive workshop we take all the time we need to get to know each other and connect our networks. Under the inspiring guidance of Ronald van Es from La Red we will gain insight into the theory behind ‘social capital’ and we will go on to mobilise the whole network. Together we know so much and so many people ... we can use that to help others on their way. In the spirit of paying it forward, we are going to solve each other’s issues. With this Content Managers group we actually have direct access to a network of thousands of people. We are going to cash in on that value!

Practical information

For whom

Former students and graduating students of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.


The training session will be held in English.


You are welcome from 6.30 pm for a cup of tea or coffee. We will start the training session at 7.00 pm and the main programme will end at 10.00 pm. After the session we will walk over to Café Xieje for a drink (until 10.30 pm).


The training session will be held at the Speakers’ Corner on the main campus of the Hague University of Applied Sciences.


We request that participants pay a small contribution for the training session: 15 EUR for graduating students and 25 EUR for alumni.
You will receive:
  • training
  • coffee and tea
  • drinks at the networking get-together after the training


You can register and pay by using this online form. The deadline to register for this training session is Monday, 27 January 2020.

Please note: Your participation fee will not be refunded if you are unable to attend. We require a minimum of 25 registrations to hold the training session. The participation fee will be refunded if the training session is cancelled due to a lack of registrations.  

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