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Why study in Holland?

There are just over half a million students in higher education in Holland today. And about 57,000 have chosen to come from other countries to study here. But why?

For an impression of what it’s like to study in Holland, click on either of the films ‘Study in Holland’ (in English) or ‘Studieren in Holland’ (in German) ->

International outlook

The Netherlands has been a centre of international trade since the 17th century. We’ve embraced people, products and ideas from other countries and continents. As the world becomes more globalised, that spirit of diversity and multiculturalism is an advantage. There are people from over 143 different nationalities teaching, learning and living here.

Learn in your language

Of all the countries in Europe where English isn’t the ‘main’ language, The Netherlands was the first to offer international study programs, taught entirely in English. Today, there are over 1,150. Because of our neighbours, French and German are also spoken here. So if you don’t speak Dutch, that’s not a barrier to getting a good education.

Quality of education

The Dutch education system is one of the most rigorous and forward-thinking in the world. It’s a system based on student-led learning, critical debate and practical experience. Most of our programs involve real work placements, team projects or other ‘hands-on’ elements. We believe that innovation comes from a willingness to explore new ways of thinking.

Quality of life

Holland is a great place to be a student, with a high standard of living at a reasonably low cost. It is regarded as an open and free-minded society , with a vibrant music and arts scene. We have over 1,000 museums, celebrating great artists like Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer. Our North Sea Coast is lined with broad sandy beaches and dunes, and our climate is easy to take, all year round.

Living in The Hague

Click here for information on The Hague, our host city >>

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