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Preparation course

Are you planning to study in The Netherlands? Then come and prepare for this in the truly international city of The Hague. The Academic Preparation Course (PREP school) of The Hague University of Applied Sciences will help you acquire:

  • The proficiency in English you need for an international education in the Netherlands

  • The study skills you need in Dutch universities.

Our international learning environment and interactive teaching will help you get ready for a successful career in the international classrooms of The Hague’s Bachelors and Masters courses.

High standards

The international classrooms in Dutch Higher Education rank amongst the best in the world and employ innovative teaching and learning methods which most international students are not familiar with. In addition, the level of English used is very high. You are therefore well advised to enrol in either the full or the half-year academic preparation programme.

Is PREP the right choice for me?

  • I know that I will learn English more effectively when I have to use it to communicate with people who do not speak my own language.

  • I like learning about different cultures and am respectful of other people’s values.
  • I know my English is limited but I love a challenge and am willing to adopt new learning strategies.
  • I like to take responsibility for my own learning and want to invest more time and energy than the teacher asks from me.
  • I realise that exams such as IELTS or TOEFL assess my ability to use English and that in order to get a high score I need to invest in learning English.
  • I consider electronic learning aids such as iPads a valuable contribution to ways of learning.
  • I think that working in international teams offers a great opportunity to achieve a result that I would never have been able to accomplish if I had worked alone.

YES - PREP is what I need!


  • I am shy and prefer to associate with people from my own country and speak my own language.

  • I hold my nation’s culture to be superior to other cultures.
  • I am convinced traditional teaching with a teacher telling me exactly what to do is the best way to learn new skills.
  • I believe the best way to obtain a high exam score is to train exam techniques.
  • I believe the best way to learn English is to translate from my own language.
  • I like portable electronic dictionaries I can frequently consult to find the English words I need.
  • I consider using electronic learning aids such as iPads a waste of money and time and I
    prefer books.
  • I find working in international teams counterproductive.

NO - PREP is not for me!

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