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A master’s degree programme to add depth to your career or enrich your personal development? A one-year programme of full-time study, or, if you like, a part-time two-year master’s degree programme alongside your job? The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses at The Hague University of Applied Sciences makes it possible. We offer professionals various hands-on higher professional education master’s degrees. Based on a strong international focus, you will be prepared for a senior position in your field. Take a look now at our master’s degree programmes taught in English!

Master’s degree programmes taught in English

Why a professional master’s degree?

A professional master’s degree acts as a springboard to your further career development. To enrol in a professional master’s degree programme, you already need to have a bachelor’s degree from a university or a university of applied sciences and a number of years of work experience. A professional master’s degree will thus deepen or expand your professional expertise, strengthen your analytical skills, help you acquire research skills and upgrade your personal talents. Our master’s degree programmes focus on the practical application of knowledge so that you can make use of what you are learning straightaway in your professional practice.

Committed, aspiring and practice-oriented

By enrolling in a master’s degree programme offered by the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses, you are investing in both yourself and your career. We are committed to your educational development from start to finish. Our experienced lecturers will inspire you to apply your talents for the personal growth and specific professional achievements that you want to acquire for the immediate or more distant future.

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses: committed, aspiring and practice-oriented.

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses is an independent academy within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. In developing our master’s degree programmes, we are building on our years of experience and a thorough understanding of our specific fields of knowledge. To ensure that our degree programmes are in line with professional practice, we also consult with experts active in the relevant disciplines. The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses is devoted to practice-oriented education taught by aspiring, committed professionals for aspiring, committed professionals.

All of our master’s degree programmes are NVAO accredited

All of the master’s degree programmes offered by the Academy of Masters & Professional Courses are accredited by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) .For some of our professional master’s degree programmes, we team up with the Open Universiteit (OU).

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