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The Hague is an international city with people from all over the world living together in a historic environment.

There are many things that you need to arrange when you decide to study abroad. Finding a place to live is obviously one of the most important things. The Hague University of Applied Sciences realises that it may be difficult to arrange housing on your own and has therefore developed procedures to arrange this for most of its international students.

Please be advised that accommodation in The Hague generally does not come cheap.

Housing agency DUWO Accommodate

The Hague University of Applied Sciences does not have student accommodation on campus and you are free to make your own arrangements. As The Hague realises that it is especially difficult for international students to find accommodation all by themselves, it cooperates with a DUWO Accommodate  specialising in letting accommodation to students. Currently The Hague University of Applied Sciences and DUWO Accommodate supply around 400 rooms to international students. Applications have to go through The Hague University of Applied Sciences and students who would like the university to arrange accommodation for them are referred to the accommodation information in the student guide, which they will receive upon acceptance

This reserved accommodation is only available for the following students: All newly arriving international students starting in the first year of one of our Bachelor programmes, one of our Master programmes, our PREP school or coming for an exchange programme.

Most accommodation in the Netherlands is non-furnished accommodation where the occupant has to provide his or her own furniture. Accommodation via DUWO Accommodate is fully furnished, complete with the necessary inventory. All rooms offered are located in The Hague and within easy commuting distance of The Hague University of Applied Sciences either by public transport or bicycle.

What can you expect?

Many rooms are single rooms with shared facilities. Rent does vary according to size. For large rooms the rent is obviously higher than for small ones. DUWO Accommodate rooms are all in The Hague. Some of the buildings have common rooms. The buildings have mixed occupancy, so men and women living together, unless specified otherwise. Doubles are always shared with a student of the same gender. Please make sure you inform yourself well before reserving a room. You will be able to see detailed information of rooms and buildings on the DUWO Accommodate website; >Accommodate Rooms>The Hague >The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

What does the rent include?

The rent for Short Stay Housing accommodation includes all utility costs, internet and local taxes. All rooms are completely furnished with a bed, bed linen, a cupboard, a desk, a chair, and kitchen utensils.

Some buildings have paid laundry facilities, microwaves a bike shed or other facilities/equipment.

Cost of accommodation

We identify three different types of rooms and the average prices per month are:
Double: €360
Single with shared facilities: €425
Single studios: €575 
Rooms vary in price, depending on size and level of facilities.

Please note that accommodation is only guaranteed if payment is received before June 1st!

Find your own accommodation

Students who wish to find their own accommodation can check the following information sheet:

download: Information about accommodation on the private market

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